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  • Makeup Remover Pads

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    Soft and pleasant to the touch.


     These makeup pads are made from 2 layers of fabric. One layer, made from our bamboo offcuts -is very soft, perfect for the delicate eye area. The other layer, made from GOTS certified cotton terry, will remove all types of makeup, lipstick and mascara left.


    Our tip: run another pad under the cold tap and gently refresh your face, leaving it clean and moisturised.

    • 10 pads in 1 pack. Palm sized.


      They will make your make up removal process more eco friendly and enjoyable. It will be a nice treat to yourself or a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. 

      And they are so easy to care for! You can just throw them into your washing machine with similar colors, lay flat to dry. You can also hand wash them right away with some soap, after cleaning your face. This way they will not stain and serve you longer. 


      Don´t worry about the stains that your make-up might leave on them…that is what they are for! Made with love. Used with love.

    • No refunds due to the nature of this product.

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